Liberland: the newest eccentric-micro-state

Liberland is the newest country to be formed in the world. On a patch of land no bigger than a cow pasture on the Danube river between Serbia and Croatia. To paraphrase the quoted articles, they have had over 200,000 citizenship applications and only three current residents.  I have cited the respective articles to this blog and I would like to use this blog entry as more of a discussion because, frankly, I’m having a difficult time formulating an opinion.

Trying out something completely new; with all of the technological advances we have and no existing infrastructure, Liberland is an empty canvas with a world of possibility. Vit Jedlicka, The president and one of the founders of Liberlandintends to combine, what he considers, the Multilateralism of applying the best of several constitutions and establish a functioning government within the year. People from all over the world have offered their expertise to build an infrastructure and they are in the process of being recognized by Serbia and Croatia. In addition to being placed on a waterway for trade, all things considered, it sounds like this might actually get the momentum it needs to survive.  

Is Liberland a game-changer? A model that others will study and build theories on for years? Or a state doomed to fail at their first hiccup?  I can see arguments on both sides of the situation but this is such an unprecedented situation, I guess only time will tell.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to comments
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2 thoughts on “Liberland: the newest eccentric-micro-state”

  1. I was reading about this I found myself thinking about how truly rare this is in today’s world. A libertarian society is a stark contrast to the centralizing liberal west. It’s the original liberalism.

    The liberal west today provides all of the answers for society through government. Where the original liberals of the 18th and 19th century found them through the individual and private enterprise. It’s interesting to see such an idea form in a “no mans land” in Europe, a place where tyrants and communists held the land for so long. Hardly a place I’d perceive as a strong hold for libertarians.

    I’m encouraged by this endeavor and I hope it gains momentum. They’ve taken a lot of cues from Thomas Jefferson and the rest of our Founding Fathers. I think the world, including our own Nation, can do the same.

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  2. The bad news is there’s not enough land to get much in the way of industrial production. Hopefully they can attract some banks and build a good river port to get things started. I too hope that they can get off the ground and build a functioning society. The Liberty movement has some very good ideas on paper, but they need to be tested in the real world with good people so people cannot just smear it with the inapplicable stories of warlord run countries. It may or may not work, but the ideas at least deserve a shot. That, and the world needs to see that whatever makes headlines in the American economy (good, bad, ugly, and insane) is usually not the result of capitalism.


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